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Dinner shall be ….. (and Cream of Chicken Soup)

January 10, 2013

Boston Roast.

Except Boston Roast has no meat/roast.

Boston Roast

One cup lima beans, uncooked, soaked overnight. 2 pounds grated cheese, 1/2 teaspoon salt. Pass beans and pimentos (WHERE did the Pimentos come from?!!? A jar. I know, I know.) through meat grinder. Bread crubs sufficient to stiffen and roll. Bake in oven, basting with water and butter. Serve with tomato sauce, onion added if desired.

I don’t have a meat grinder. I have a food mill though. And I don’t have lima beans in the house.

Boston Roast is a cut of meat, however. So did the recipe submitted expect me to know this as a given? I need to do more research and/or some of you lovely followers can help me out in the comments. (I think I have followers. I could be just sending out phosphors into what is the internet.)

I will make this for dinner. I promise. Ernie may not eat it. It may just be me, the pickiest eater in the house eating this before Sunday night.

I’m making Cream of Chicken soup tonight and will have pictures on the next blog post. I need Cream of Chicken soup for dinner and I can’t eat Canned Soups due to the MSG content.

Cream of Chicken Soup – Mrs. J.J. Feltus

To Make Cream of Chicken Soup, cut a stalk of celery into several pieces, and half an onion into thin slices. Put the vegetables into two cups of milk and heat slowly, let stand 10 minutes and remove vegetables, beat 2 slightly rounded tablespoons each of flour and butter together with a few grains of pepper and 1/2 even teaspoon of salt. Stir in the hot milk. Add 2 cupfuls of the broth reserved from boiling of foul, stir until smooth and cook 15 minutes in the double boiler. This will make a fine soup but as an extra touch beat the yolk of an egg with 4 tablespoons cream. Add to the soup and when egg thickens, serve at once.

Pictures and results later!

– Kate


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  1. Patti permalink

    The soup sounds really yummy, if kind of rich. As for the roast, um, perhaps not. TWO pounds of cheese? What kind of cheese? It all sounds gooey and scary!

  2. Avocado of Death permalink

    I am skeptical of this, or any, roastless roast. Also of lima beans. But you have my respect for trying it, and also for making your own cream of chicken soup. I still haven’t figured out how to get milk from a chicken, much less cream.

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