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Welcome to Cooking in the 13’s

January 2, 2013

This blog started with the discovery of a cookbook – a church cookbook from 1913. It is “The Congregational Cook Book” with the date of 1913 printed on the cover.  The title page states that was compiled by the Ladies Guild of St. Paul’s Congregational Church of Nutley, NJ.

As I began to carefully look through the cookbook, the idea to cook a recipe a day came to me.  I’m just a home cook, like the women who submitted their recipes a hundred years ago.  I do not have any formal training in how to cook.

My thought is that this will be a learning experience on many levels. I may have to do some research and I’m going to have to set some ground rules for myself. I’m allowing myself the use of my hand mixer, the stand mixture with the dough hook for bread recipes only, along with the oven/stove, and my can opener. I’m on the fence about the use of the blender. I’ve already decided that the electric fry pan, sandwich press, and other electric appliances including the microwave and the food processor are off limits.
I’m going to try to follow the recipes as best I can. We have a local dairy, Richardson’s that has been around since the 1700’s, so I’ll buy milk and cream from them.

Thank you for taking the time to follow me on this adventure. I think we are going to have fun and learn something.
– Kate

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